Some of the quality products manufactured or marketed by CrossMetropolitan include:

Our Quality Standards

100% full inspection done on all of our products

• Telecordia Standard products available

• CrossMetropolitan's products are made in factories that are ISO 9001 and 14001 and 13485 certified

• RoHS compliant products available

•  Zero defect tolerance standards

• Work place organization and standardized work procedures
based on the 5S philosophy

• Continuous quality improvement plans implemented on a
quarterly basis

• Products are available that are manufactured to GR326-CORE standards

• Annual testing at independent test Lab done on all our products

• Environmental chamber available at our partner facility

• Environmental management system has been integrated into
our company's quality management process based on ISO 14001.

• Stringent PPAP (Piece Parts Approval Process)

• IL inspections, RL inspections, changeability testing, vibration
testing, tensile strength testing, temperature testing, and
humidity testing

•  IAF accreditation

• CNAB standards

• UKAS accreditation

• Use of the highest quality, microscopes, Interferometers, back
reflection meters, polishing machines and processing/test